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Screenshot_2019-07-26 Table iceberg west of Sjuøyane, Arctic ocean - Search results for ocean - Wikimedia Commons
The oceans of the world contain large volumes of saline water. They consist of interconnected oceanic waters, which cover approximately 361,132,000 square kilometers of the Earth’s surface. The oceans of the world are listed below in order of size. 1. Pacific ocean Covers an area of about 168,723,000 square kilometers. Its area represents 46.6% of the world's total water surface. Has a coastline of...
Water: Livelihood and Scarcity
Extreme weather due to climate change is wreaking havoc on East Africans who depend on the soil, rivers and lakes to survive. By Nick Trombola of News-Decoder Three out of four East Africans live in rural areas. For them, water is a necessity, but increasingly scarce. Finding water...