Sunday, December 15, 2019
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African News Floods
WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW eNCA's African report published today on Youtube shows the extent of flood damage and the devastation is has caused Malawian's over the past few weeks - when will this end?   Watch more VIDEOS here Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO) 19,032,895 views Great and powerful season titled Game of thrones! It's good and you will learn lots of things,! Enjoy the video
Game of Thrones - Season 8
WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW Check out what looks to be a great new season for game of Thrones - Season 8. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.
Child collecting water in Malawi
WATCH VIDEO BELOW Today there has been a UN briefing by St矇phane Dujarric the spokesperson for the Secretary-General. Daily briefing includes information on Malawi, Syria and Gaza. The UN Environment Programme - UNESCO - International Narcotics Control Board MALAWI Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock, completed his two-day mission to Malawi on Saturday; he met with the...
A documentary about the life and struggles of Malawian farmers or mlimi
WATCH the documentary below A documentary about the life and struggles of Malawian farmers or mlimi who are hoping that one day they would be given assistance to uplift themselves from severe poverty. This also shows how the Church Of Christ, through its social armthe FYM or Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, has rekindled the spirit of the many local farmers...
Video Icon 不不不不不 Watch!! You will be happy and you will enjoy it! You never watched something so funny in your life?? Watch this video you will not regret it... Enjoy it!!! Watch more videos here  
Video - only in South Africa
Watch this great video of a Fiat Uno driver in Johannesburg driving in the rain - wait till you see... let's just say his windscreen wipers aren't as they should be! WATCH..