Monday, August 10, 2020
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Zambian, Mutoba Ngoma inducted into Anzisha Prize Hall of Fame as inspirational entrepreneur who started at 21 years of age
Coronavirus - Nigeria: 460 new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria 
Read more news here CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Africa Oil & Power (AOP) 2021 highlights African integration across borders throughout the entire energy value chain and examines the African investment environment post COVID-19; AOP 2021 welcomes presidents, ministers, national oil companies and utility heads, IPP and renewables executives and more for the fifth edition...
After 43 years of struggling to conceive a baby, a Nigerian woman aged 68 years has given birth to twins in Nigeria. The father of the twins, Noah Adenuga aged 70 years has revealed that they travelled to England looking for means to conceive a baby but their efforts were in vain.
Coronavirus - Nigeria: 12 Functional COVID-19 Testing Laboratories Confirmed – Health Minister
Coronavirus - Nigeria: Life in quarantine after detecting Nigeria’s first COVID-19 case 
President Magufuli has today Monday, 16 March urged Tanzanians to bear more children saying that it is very beneficial to the country's economy. The president said this in his tour to inspect the ongoing construction of the Ubungo Interchange in Dar es Salaam. "When you have a big population, you build...
We asked Nigerian students about transactional sex on campus
We asked Nigerian students about transactional sex on campus