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African Development Bank approves $400 million to support Mozambique’s ambition to become global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) prayer
Mozambique (October) -Current President- Filipe Nyusi Mozambique will hold presidential, legislative and provincial elections on Oct. 15, a poll where the scale of victory will likely tilt towards president Filipe Nyusi’s ruling Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo). 2. Botswana (October) -Current- Botswana’s President- Mokgweetsi Masisi The Botswana Democratic Party has been in power since 1966. The presidential term ends more than a year ahead of the national...
During his 37-year rule, Mugabe attracted a great deal of controversy, mostly because of his colorful use of language. 1. On imperialism "Stay with us, please remain in this country and constitute a nation based on national unity." - A plea to the white population of Zimbabwe at a ZANU-PF rally, 1980. 2. On homosexuality: "We equally reject attempts to prescribe 'new rights'...
Across much of Africa, gay people face discrimination, persecution, and potentially even death. In Nigeria, there is a 14-year jail term for anyone caught in homosexual activity. 1. Rwanda In Rwanda, homosexual activities have been made legal since 1980. 2.Lesotho Female sexual activities have been legal for a long period due to cultural acceptance, but male involvements were only legal in 2012. 3. Guinea Bissau Just...
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launch joint voucher programme to support communities affected by Cyclone Idai
International partners pledge $1.2 billion to help cyclone-hit Mozambique recover, ‘build back better’
Africa Day – Afrika Vuka! Our future is at stake. We demand a fossil- free Africa!
Cyclone Idai casts a shadow over global disaster conference
Mozambique: Tropical Cyclone Kenneth