Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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10. Kumasi (Ghana) There are so many plants and flowers that the city can be called Eden. 9. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) It lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean, famous for its local university, the largest and oldest state institution of higher education in Tanzania, and the Technological Institute. 8. Libreville (Gabon) In the stunning architecture and monuments of Libreville, the undoubted...
Fallen Malawian Soldier to be Honoured with UN Peacekeeping’s Highest Award
Bongo flavor and Hip-hop artist Mr. Blue has released a song with uprising music artist Mycoely, titled ‘Nimeamua’ (I have decided). The song was recorded and produced by Vennt skills at Kwanza records in Morogoro and Mastering was done by ‘Mona gangstar’ recorded. The project was a long term beginning with the struggling artist by Mycoely who originally recorded the entire...
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