Yanga Sports Club depart from Tanzania to South Africa and then Zimbabwe to face Township Rollers in CAF Champions League.

Yanga Sports Club failed to win in 1St leg played at Dar Es Salaam as they drew level with Zimbabweans side.

Second leg will kick off on August 24, Yanga Sports Club looks for any victory to proceed into group stage. While Townships Roller needs to win or goalless results.

Yanga Sports Club outlines 21 players only that are traveling with the team.

  1. Metacha Mnata
  2. Paulo Godffrey
  3.  Kelvin Yondani
  4. Muharami Issa
  5. Ally Mtoni
  6. Lamine Moro
  7. Papy Tshishimbi
  8. Mapinduzi Balama
  9. Mohamed Issa
  10. Ramadhani Kabwili
  11. Sydney Khoetage
  12. Rafael Daudi
  13.  Juma Balinya
  14. Patrick Sibomana
  15. Ally Ally
  16.  Jafari Mohamed
  17. Feisal Salum
  18. Issa Brigimana
  19. Deusi Kaseke
  20. Mrisho Ngasa

The only left out players are the goalkeeper Farouk Shikalo, Mustafa Suleyman and David Molinga as their ICT yet to be issued.


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