It is believed that, one of the reasons TP Mazembe withdrew their interest towards Ibrahim Ajib is Simba SC.

TP Mazembe approached Yanga SC on June 16th and asked to sign Ajib as a free agent because his contract with the club had ended .

Before May 23, the day that TP Mazembe requested for Ajib to go for medical check ups, Ajib’s manager contacted Simba asking them to allow Ajib to go to TP Mazembe, because Simba had a pre-contact with Ajib.

Simba Sc told TP Mazembe that Ajib is worth more than 100,000 dollar and yet added that if he signs the contact with them, and when they will sell him to any club, Simba Sc have to receive 20% of his price.

Thus, TP Mazembe pulled out the interest because Simba SC’s demands were unacceptable to them.

His friend Mohammed Hussein said he would like to see Ajib plays in other leagues if not TP Mazembe.

“Ajib is my friend, I will love to see him play professional football outside the country. If it is not TP Mazembe, he can go else where in other league, about his return to Simba Sc, I can not speak about that, am not in the position to do so,”

Ibrahim Ajib is a free player now.

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