After scoring his second hat-trick in this season, Emmanuel Anord Okwi levels with Obrey Chirwa’s last seasons record of having registered two hat-tricks in a season. When playing for Yanga, Obrey Chirwa scored two Hat-tricks, One was when Yanga won 5 nil against Mbeya City and another was against Njombe Mji, when Yanga scored 4 nil.

Emmanuel Okwi’s two hat-tricks was scored against Ruvu Shooting and Coastal Union. In the game against Ruvu Shooting Simba SC won by 5 goals to nil, and against Coastal Union Simba SC won by 8 to 1.

This year’s 6 hat-tricks record breaks the previously held record which was 5 hat-tricks. As the game continues there might be more.

So far there are 6 Hat-tricks in the league:

1-Alex Kitenge (Stand United)

2-Salim Aiyee (Mwadui FC)

3-Fully Zully Maganga (Ruvu Shooting)

4-Emmanuel Okwi (Simba SC )-Two Hat-trick (2)

5-Meddie Kagere (Simba SC) .

Is there any more hat-tricks to come!?


let’s sit back and enjoy the game.

Ramadhan Issa

Ramadhan is keen sport writer with an unquestionable passion for football. Tanzania based but internationally focused with a keen eye on the PSL, EPL and Champions League amongst others!


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