Former Yanga Sports Club striker Pius Buswita promises to shine again at his new club.

Buswita did not perform well while at Yanga Sports Club under Mwinyi Zahera by then. With Mwinyi Zahera gone and Buswita moves to Polisi Tanzania with one year contract.

Buswita did not play for almost half a season in Vodacom Premier League as he were free agent player.

“Football is my work, it is not easy for a player to stay out of the league. I am thankful, and I believe through Polisi Tanzania I will do something different,” says Pius Buswita after receiving a contract with Polisi Tanzania. Pius also says he was training every day regardless of his situation.

“Although I had no clue to play for, I had my own programs, so I can keep track of my health.”

Pius Buswita signs a contract with Polisi Tanzania after being left out of Yanga Sports Club.

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