1. Omar al-Bashir from Sudan

Bashir is the only dictator currently in power who is responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Sudan.

2. Kim Jong-il from North Korea

3. Than Shwe from Burma

Than Shwe heads a military dictatorship that has been in power since 1962.

4. Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe

After leading a successful anti-colonial war of liberation, Mugabe was elected the first president of independent Zimbabwe.

5. Islam Karimov from Uzbekistan

Karimov’s name is synonymous with torture. There is strong evidence that the United States outsourced the interrogation of terror suspects to Uzbekistan to take advantage of his relaxed moral standards.

6. Hu Jintao from China

The United States and other democratic nations do so much business with China that there is a tendency to turn a blind eye toward the Communist Party’s abysmal human rights record.

7. King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia

By law, all Saudi citizens must be Muslims. It is illegal for Saudis to follow a different religion.

8. Saparmurat Niyazov from Turkmenistan

Niyazov has created the world’s most pervasive personality cult, and criticism of any of his policies is considered treason.

9. Seyed Ali Khamenei from Iran

For all the media attention given to Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he really wields little power.

10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema from Equatorial Guinea

The tiny West African nation of Equatorial Guinea was catapulted onto the international scene when major reserves of oil were discovered in 1995.


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