Here are some really unique characters every African president should learn from Tanzanian President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli

1. Bulldozed Corruption in every sector. He has eradicated laziness among governmental officials.

2. He has eradicated over spending among government officials through banning abroad trips. He reduced the president’s monthly salary to $4,008 which is a third of what the former president Jakaya Kikwete was earning.

3. He suspended unnecessary independence day. He asked what is there to be celebrated when Tanzanians were dying of cholera?

“It’s shameful we’re spending money to celebrate independence when our people are dying od cholera”

The money was spent annually on the independence day 9th of December was directed to the expansion of road between Mwenge and Morogoro.

The money was total of Tsh 4bill.
He did this to ease traffic congestion.

4. He led in sweeping the streets in the first independence day of his term. He served this as an example to the Tanzanian citizens.

5. He cancelled all official meetings and conferences by governmental officials.

6. He conducted a surprise inspection at Muhimbili hospital and sacked the chief director of the hospital, dissolved the governing board due to unsatisfied hospital’s hygiene and lack of equipment.The machines were repaired in three days after his visit and 300 brand new beds.

7. He banned meat and lunches for governmental officials during meetings. He said that to be wastage of public funds.

8. He reduced the size of the presidential convoy and the delegation that travels with him.

His official opening of the parliament, President Magufuli didn’t go by plane but he drove all 600km from Dar to Dodoma.

9. He chose the Tanzania’s first female Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan. Everyone was shocked. Not only that but also choosing the little known Bureaucrat as the Prime Minister.

10. He sacks corrupt culprits on the spot; he went ahead and sacked Tanzania port bosses. This was after realizing corruption deeds among them.

Kisole Mario

I am a journalist living and working in Mwanza Region Tanzania. I have a passion for journalism and enjoy covering general news, from politics to lifestyle and general news. I have been writing for since April 2019.
Kisole Mario


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