The Armed Forces have become an indispensable part of almost every nation in the world.

A country’s strength is often measured by the strength of its Army.

1. Andorra
In this country, law and order and some basic parliamentary duties are performed by the police itself.

It receives protection from bordering nations Spain and France under separate military treaties.

It has a small volunteer army but it’s purely for ceremonial purposes.

2. Costa Rica
In the year 1948, this country was hit by a civil war.

After that civil war, the country abolished its armed forces.

It is one of the largest countries without an armed force. The internal security is managed by the police force.

3. Dominica

Ironically, it was because of an attempted army coup that this country decided to abolish its army forever.

The police is responsible for internal security.

4. Grenada
This country has no standing army since 1983.

. The police force maintains the internal security and the Regional security system is responsible for the defense.

5. Haiti
It is without any standing army since 1958

More than a dozen of military coups and internal conflicts forced the government to disband the Army.

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