Youth! Youth! Youth! Its normal nowadays for elders to associate such kind of beautiful Noun with other bad nouns or adjectives nowadays! I had a question, “Before these elders becoming so, did they jumped this stage?” And if not, why they call youth bad names while they used to be in such kind of state!

UJANA NI UHUNI! or VIJANA WA LEO NI WAHUNI! Ooooh, my elders, why and why you misjudge this Golden generation? A generation of WhatsApp and Instagram while in the past you used letters to wish someone a Goodnight? Unfortunately, that wish can deliver in 3 months to come! In the past years neither knows WhatsApp nor Snapchat, but nowadays a man at the age of 60’s enjoy Snapchat and watching Porno’s via Google! Whom to blame?

Stop calling Youth Nonsense..! Please and please! A youth who sit under the sun all the day working for 1dollar while a man at 80’s faked the age to remain in the public office after not saving money during his time. Lol! Is this man, who open the mouth and call us (Youth) nonsense/gangsters and other bad names. Why can’t you value our support and hustling in the society?

Nowadays, things have changed. A man at 50’s is a youth just because has conducted a crime whether Robbery or any misconduct. Why? Stop this habits because youth are aware of what is going!

I am not blaming anyone. But i want to change the system of viewing issues on only one side of the coin. Turn the coin and if possible destroy it in order to see what was used to make it. Thanks.

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