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Husband slaughters wife in Tanga

A Kwamaraho resident from Tanga region, Juma Hemed (45) is under police arrest accused of  slaughtering his wife Amina Hussein(38).

The Tanga Regional Commissioner, Edward Bukombe indicated that the incident to had occurred yesterday and the cause of the chaos is ‘love relationship affairs in the family’. The police are still investigating.

“Previous reports claim that the cause of the conflict was love affairs that the deceased and the suspect had a family conflict and we as police are conducting investigation on the same matter,” said Bukombe.

Bar maids abused sexually

A businesswomen, Salome John has employed young women on the promise of being bar maids within her business but in actual fact they have been sexually exploited.

The Unguja District Officer Idrissa Kitwana Mustafa said that his decision to order the business woman to vacate the district within 24 hours for her own security.

The girls have ow returned to their homes having exposed their previous employer. Idrissa said that the woman had been accused by the Kizimkazi residents for her evil deeds. The residents claim that this situation has led to marriage conflicts and distress for the community.

98 Year old women gets her land claim after 42 years

Minister of Land, House and Sanitation William Lukuvi has rescued eight acres of land at Sinoni in Arusha. As a result, Nasi Muruo has finally got her land after 42 years of waiting despite winning the case in court in 1979.

The land has various buildings on it, among them a church. The court has ordered the users of these buildings to compensate Muruo for their use over the past 42 years.

“President Magufuli sent me to settle the matter which was my unawareness and so I give the residers a grace period of one month to measure the land and calculate ready for compensation,” he ordered.

Muruo thanked the government for bringing the matter to an end as she had suffered for many years.

Buffalo John’s death prompts a social media debate

Buffalo John passed away at Sasakwa Gruneti Reserve due to an illness. Staff failure to Buffalo John leaving behind his son Rajab which has raised questions on the social media about the name given to him. “Why was he named Rajab despite being from Buffalo John’s family?”

Tourists regularly praised Buffalo John for increasing the number of buffalo in the Serengeti.

The Minister for Tourism Dr. Hamis Kigwangalla intervened in the twitter debate and promised to find out why that buffalo was named Rajab. He suggested that Buffalo Rajab had changed his religion after the death of his father John.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa formed a committee to investigate the death.

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