On Monday 14th of January 2019, the leader of the Catholic Church in Malawi has taken a swipe at state intelligence body for failing to detect a market for bones of people with albinism which has ignited a wave of ritual murders of the people.

As reported by the Nyasa Times, His Grace Bishop Thomas Luke Msusa doubted the performance of the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), but its role as a tax payer funded intelligence body.

‘The intelligence officers and the police could have identified the market for the bones in order to end the killings of the people with albinism,’ Msusa explained.

He further said this would have helped to bust the syndicate or the traders of the bones. They would have identified the market long ago.

In his remarks, he depicted the officers of the state spy agency and the police of lacking professionalism and patriotism for the country.

All this was said early Monday at Luchenza in Thyolo where Catholic Women Association (CWA) planted trees with funding the National Bank of Malawi (NBM).

The Bishop sincerely thanked the women for the tree planting effort which he emphasized was good to bring back the fast going vegetation which is a cause for the current climate change.

Regina Maere

I was born in Mangochi and educated in Dedza at Umbwi Secondary School, Following Secondary School I attended The Institute of Journalism, Lilongwe. Inspired by great writers, with a passion for writing it is my ambition to inspire others too through writing.


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