A father of the late Rose Japhet 6 and a resident of Igurusi-Mbarali in Mbeya who is also a businessman, is currently in custody and accused of killing of his daughter for wealth.

The Mbeya regional commissioner, Ulrich Matei confirmed that the father of the girl is a suspect who was paid Sh 5M by an owner of a secondary school in Mbalizi, Mbeya district.

Matei said that in May 3rd around 9:00pm the kid was found dead around Chimala-Mbarali national park and that one of her legs were cut.

During a police operation, the leg was found buried around Mbalizi in Mbeya.

“The cause of the recent killings is the lust for wealth…. the father of the late sold the daughter to the owner of that school for Sh 5M,” the commissioner revealed.

He added that the businessman killed his daughter in order to take the leg to a witch-doctor following superstitious agreements to acquire success.

After an interview by the police, the man admitted to have had been involved in other killings. Further investigation is currently underway to capture the witch doctor.

Kisole Mario

I am a journalist living and working in Mwanza Region Tanzania. I have a passion for journalism and enjoy covering general news, from politics to lifestyle and general news. I have been writing for TheAfrican.com since April 2019.
Kisole Mario


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