Female Afro pop artist Vanessa Mdee and her long time boyfriend Jux have ended their long term relationship of years over unknown cause.

This was confirmed by sister and close friend of Vanessa Mdee, Mimi Mars during an interview in Block 89 of Wasafi FM

In the interview, Mimi said that the two have been apart for a while and are currently just ‘friends’. She also addressed the rumors that she is behind the break up of her sister and long term lover saying, she had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

On social media some fans have outraged against the news while some claim it was just about time.

For as long as they were together, Vanessa and Jux has always been the star couple in Tanzania and has always been portrayed by the media as the ideal dual.

The two have also collaborated in their work as artists to make hits such as ‘juu’ and even writing songs for each other.

This is not the first time Vanessa and Jux broke up. However, their last break up was rather public and much more dramatic than the most recent break up.

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