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This day in Malawi in 2008 A government spokeswoman said Taiwan cannot match China’s reported $6 billion aid offer to Malawi, but hopes a legacy of goodwill can convince the African nation not to switch allegiance to its giant neighbour.

This day in Malawi in 2005 Three UDF officials are charged with treason after carrying guns to a meeting with President Mutharika. The president later pardons the trio.

This day in Africa in  2007 75 poeple died in Kenya of a hermorrhagic fever called Rift Valley Fever for the past three weeks and another 183 are infected with it.The first death occurred in mid- December.

This day in Africa in 1982 South African, African National Congress [ANC] President Oliver Tambo declares, at a gathering in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the ANC, that under the slogan ‘Unity in action’ that 1982 will be a year of massive action against the apartheid system.

Born on this day in 1863 Frank Nelson Doubleday was born, Founder of  Doubleday publishing House.

This  day in World in 1892 A coal mine explosion kills 100 in McAlister,

On this day in National in 1745 England, Austria, Saxony and the Netherlands form an alliance against Russia.

Born on this day in 1786 Nicholas Biddle Head of the first United States Bank.

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