Bongo flavor and Hip-hop artist Mr. Blue has released a song with uprising music artist Mycoely, titled ‘Nimeamua’ (I have decided).

The song was recorded and produced by Vennt skills at Kwanza records in Morogoro and Mastering was done by ‘Mona gangstar’ recorded.

The project was a long term beginning with the struggling artist by Mycoely who originally recorded the entire song by himself without Mr. Blue as his rapper late last year.

The hit has grabbed attention of fans of Mr. Blue and Mycoely saying, it is the best track yet.

Mycoely’s manager assured the public to expect better from his musician saying he is one of a kind in Tanzania.

“We have a lot of projects pending. We will release them soon.. We look for tactics for every release so it reaches a bigger audience”

Mycoely has also produced hits such as Udongo which was special for the time of mourning for Rugemarila Mutahaba’s Death in March.

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