Diamond Platnumz plans to win Ali Kiba fans slowly. With the new Summer jam produced by S2kiz and Laizer classic at wasafi studios tittled Kanyaga.

One of Ali Kiba’s fans posted on her Instagram account dancing to Diamond song and wrote a huge caption to Ali Kiba.

She insisted that Ali Kiba Should release more hit songs like Diamond, and not relying more on his principles. Ali Kiba has a tendency of releasing songs with maximum of five months range.

” Yes, I said It, I said it with love, we are tired waiting for January and December, we all listening to Diamond and his singers. At least Nandy brings some challenges. Ali kiba we are tired just release some music”

Mange Kimambi insists that Ali Kiba step up his gam.

Diamond posted his latest Kanyaga video teaser and it went viral on social media all over the country.


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