8. Czechia- av. 1.8031 meters / 5.92 feet

It has been commented on how tall a room of Croatian ministers is when they all meet together!

7. Croatia- av. 1.805 meters / 5.92 feet

A number of tall athletic stars have been known to come from the country, particularly in the area of Damaltia.

6. Germany av. 1.81 meters / 5.93 feet

The diet in Germany typically is known the world over, especially for their beer festivals and great sausage selections.

5. Serbia av. 1.82 meters / 5.97 feet

Serbian meals are always rich in dairy products and protein from meat, and dining patterns exemplify meals being partaken of later in the day.

4. Norway- av. 1.824 meters / 5.98 feet

The Norwegian diet is full of protein and good calories that must maintain their superb growth from childhood years and on

3. Denmark- av. 1.826 meters / 5.99 feet

The Danes are known for their good looks among Danish and fairness among Dane maidens alike.

They register as one of the wealthier nations in Europe, and their income is one of the highest per capita in the world as well.

2. Montenegro- av.1.832 meters / 6.01 feet

Children in Montenegro have good nutrition, and that partly explains the Montenegrin height advantage.

1. Netherlands- av. 1.838 meters / 6.03 feet

The predominance of this phenomenon is translated into the only country in the world that has an advocacy representing tall people.

It’s interesting to note that all government buildings in the Netherlands have tall doorways.


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