This day 2 January in Malawi’s history, world history and which Celebrities were born on this day.

On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world
On this day in Malawi, Africa and the world

Check out what happened in history on this day, who was born and much more!

This day in Africa in 1800s Dutch conialist first included slave in their New year Celebration in the Mid 1800s, Giving them a day off on 2 January to celebrate in their own manner. When slavery was abolished in South Africa in 1834 and the subsequent four-year Apprenticeship ended in 1838.

This day in the World in 1918 Russian Bolsheviks threaten to re-enter World War 1 unless Germany returns occupied territory.

Born on this day in 1866 Gilbert Murray, an Australian- born scholar; Chairman of the League of Nations (1923, 1928).

Born on this day in 1920 Isaac Asimov the American science fiction writer of over 300 books including foundation and I, Robot.

This day in the World in 1839 Photography Pioneer Louis Daguerre takes the first photography of the Moon. Today is National and International Science Fiction Day. It is unofficially celebrated by many science  fiction fans in the United States on January 2, which corresponds with the official birthdate of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.