The prominent Arch Bishop of Glory of Christ Tanzania Church(GCTC) has been traced in a sex clip with an unknown woman in bed, a video which is trending on many social media platforms including WhatsApp, twitter and Instagram.

Gwajima has argued that somebody edited the clip with his image simply to spoil his good image as God’s servant.

Speaking to journalists in Dar-es-salaam, Bishop Gwajima said that, it is not him in the video and that the editor has one target, to slander him because the next general elections is approaching.

“I am very sure there are people who are trying to shut me up as the general elections are just around the corner. I assure one thing, nobody can shut up my mouth.” he clarified.

Gwajima cautioned whoever edited the clip to undo his misconduct, otherwise he will work on him in his church from this coming Sunday.

On social media, Tanzanians argue that this is a real clip that has totally discredited him as a servant of God.

The police under Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority(TCRA) are conducting an investigation on the issue to unfold the truth.

Gwajima is not the first prominent individual in Tanzania to face such a scandal of leaked pornographic videos. In the recent years, female artist Nandy commonly known as The African Princess and Wema Sepetu had their share of the matter that lead to charges and court hearings.

Kisole Mario

I am a journalist living and working in Mwanza Region Tanzania. I have a passion for journalism and enjoy covering general news, from politics to lifestyle and general news. I have been writing for since April 2019.
Kisole Mario


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