desert is an area that receives little or no precipitation.

  1. Great Basin Desert– 190,000 Square Miles

The Great Basin Desert is the largest desert in the United States of America.


  1. Syrian Desert– 200,000 Square Miles

It is located in the Middle East where it covers parts of SyriaJordanIraq, and Saudi Arabia. To the south, the Syrian Desert merges with the Arabian Desert


  1. Patagonian Desert– 200,000 Square Miles

The Patagonian Desert is the world’s eighth most extensive desert and the largest one in Argentina.


  1. Great Victoria Desert– 220,000 Square Miles

The Great Victoria Desert is the largest desert in Australia.


  1. Kalahari Desert– 360,000 Square Miles

The Kalahari Desert is a vast, semi-arid savanna found in southern Africa. The Kalahari Desert is home to cactus species and shrubs.


  1. Gobi Desert– 500,000 Square Miles

The Gobi Desert covers parts of northwestern and northern China, as well as southern Mongolia.


  1. Arabian Desert– 900,000 Square Miles

The Arabian Desert is found in western Asia where it covers most of the Arabian Peninsula.


  1. Sahara Desert– 3,300,000 Square Miles

The Sahara Desert is the third-largest desert in the world, and the world’s largest “hot desert.”


  1. Arctic Desert– 5,400,000 Square Miles

Shared by CanadaDenmarkNorwayRussiaSweden, and the United States.


  1. Antarctic Desert– 5,500,000 Square Miles

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. Located around the South Pole, it is the driest, windiest, and coldest continent on earth.

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