There are people with the problem of urinating in bed at night. For many, it occurs at an early stage of childhood while others carry it into adulthood.This is because they have an unknown problem that they don’t know how to sort out.

“My in-law was not taken for form one admission to a boarding school simply because she could never seize to urinate in bed while asleep at night.

“This situation disturbed everyone in the family including herself… ,” Bahati Alphonce, the discoverer of the solution for the problem.

She says that she decided to take her daughter to nursery school to let her aunt stop the habit when the problem became serious.

She explained that every night her in-law urinated, and so did her 5 year old. Her solution would be to beat her in law and her 5 year old daughter who also wet the bed.

She said that whenever she beat her daughter in-law for urinating in bed, she could punish her own daughter and the in-law would get disturbed to an extent of refusing to eat in that night.

“I used to tell my in-law that if she wanted me stop punishing my daughter she ought to wake her up in mid night to answer to the call of nature… Within three month the situation was better… one time my daughter told me that her aunt woke up that night for the call,” she expressed

It took her two extra months to stop the habit completely.

Speaking to journalists in a special seminar, she stressed that for children to urinate in bed all through to adulthood depends on their background. Early check ups for the children’s health is noble thing.

Kisole Mario

I am a journalist living and working in Mwanza Region Tanzania. I have a passion for journalism and enjoy covering general news, from politics to lifestyle and general news. I have been writing for since April 2019.
Kisole Mario


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