The holidays are beneficial since they increase your social contacts that cannot be maintained during the working weekdays, and the employees get enough time to relax.

These holidays can also have an adverse effect on the economy of the countries.

However, there are countries in the world with more than reasonable number of holidays per year as follows:

1) 28 Cambodia

2) 25 Sri Lanka

3) 21 India, Kazakhstan

4) 18 Colombia, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago

5) 17 China, Hong Kong

6) 16 Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan

7) 15 Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lithuania, Sweden

8) 14 Indonesia, Chile, Slovakia

9) 13 South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan, Nepal

10) 12 Finland, Russia

11) 11 Singapore, Italy, Denmark, France, UAE, Morocco, Czech Republic, Luxembourg

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