1. Smart working; don’t work hard. Working hard is good, but working smart is better.

2. Respect; this is a two way traffic. The learners should respect each other as well as to their instructors.

3. Punctuality; time management is a very fundamental principle in whatever one does.

4. Lectures attendance; make sure you never miss lectures matter what, and if you do, make a tangible follow up.

5. Goal oriented; a student should always be focused to a particular goal set for the future desired achievement. This makes you motivated at all times.

6. Vision; one should always have dreams for what they want to achieve and also have strategic plans set for the future.

7. Revisions; Revise the notes you took in class. It can be very helpful.

8. Relationship; student-lecturer relationships should be a friendly-professional consultation. This will make to them obvious the areas where understanding was not well realized.

9. Trust in God; God is the creator of the universe and everything on this earth. There’s need for us to give Him the first priority in whatever we do, not only in academics.

10. Optimism; the state of having hope and confidence about the future. A positive look on life ensures careful and determined performance of one’s duties.

Kisole Mario

I am a journalist living and working in Mwanza Region Tanzania. I have a passion for journalism and enjoy covering general news, from politics to lifestyle and general news. I have been writing for TheAfrican.com since April 2019.
Kisole Mario


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