10 longest Bridges in Africa

10. Katima Mulilo bridge ( 900m)
It was built across the Zambezi River in Zambia.

9. Mkapa bridge (970m)
Is the longest in Tanzania.

It’s built across river Rufiji, financed by OPEC, KUWAIT Fund and the government of Saudi Arabia.

8. Would bridge (1.8Km)
It joins Douala to the Port of Bonaberi.

It carries both road and rail traffic to western Cameroon

7. Qasr al-Nil bridge (1.932Km)
Is built across the river Nile, located in central Cairo, Egypt.

The bridge connects downtown Cairo to Gezira Island.

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza bridge (2.37Km)
Is located in Mozambique, built across the Zambezi river.
It connects Sofala and Zambezi.

5. Dona Ana bridge (3.67Km)
Was built across the Zambezi river.

It connects the towns of Mutarata and Villa de Sena.

4. Mozambique Island bridge (3.8Km)
Located in the Island of Mozambique.

It connects the Island of Mozambique to the mainland over the Indian ocean.

3. Suez canal bridge. El Qantara(3.9Km)
Is a road bridge built across btge Suez canal in Egypt.

2. Third mainland bridge, Langos (10.5Km)
Is located in Lagos Nigeria

1. 6th October bridge, Cairo (20.5Km)
Is located in Cairo, Egypt built across the Nile River.

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