10. $564.1 million (Powerball)

Winning tickets were sold for this jackpot in Texas, North Carolina and Puerto Rico on Feb. 11, 2015.

9. $587.5 million (Powerball)
Won Nov. 28, 2012.

Winning tickets sold in Missouri and Arizona.

8. $590.5 million (Powerball)

Won by Gloria MacKenzie on May 18, 2013. Winning ticket sold in Florida.

7. $648 million (Mega Millions)

Won Dec. 17, 2013. Winning tickets sold in Georgia and California.

6. $656 million (Mega Millions)

Won March 30, 2012. Winning tickets sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas.

5. $687.8 million (Powerball)

Won Oct. 27, 2018. Two winning tickets were drawn, one in Iowa and one in New York.

4. $758.7 million (Powerball)

Won August 23, 2017. The largest jackpot for a single winner.

The lucky ticket was sold in Chicopee, Massachusetts to Mavis Wanczyk.

3. $768.4 million (Powerball)

Won March 27, 2019 by a single ticket in Wisconsin.

2. Estimated jackpot: $1.537 billion (Mega Millions)

Won Oct. 23, 2018. The lucky winner lives in South Carolina, one of only a handful of states where you can choose to remain anonymous and still claim your winnings.

1. $1.586 billion (Powerball)

Won Jan. 13, 2016. Winning tickets were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee, making the annuitized amount for each winning ticket nearly $528.8 million.


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